Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...

Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...
Life IS a Grand Production...Happy Day

Friday, March 26, 2010

My "RED" room ...
    Good morning... I am trying to get the picture situation  settled so bare with me... Oh Yea ...by the    way ... spelling and grammar ...sometimes...are not my best attribute...
even with spell check....If you know me you would understand. 
 I am VERY creative...
                            Well here are some pictures of my downstairs...
  Here are my 2 bathrooms downstairs.  In the 1st one I used an antique tin wallpaper on the ceiling and I had to make the ugly blue tile work, because it was too expensive to change.  My shower curtains were made and designed by my designer ,yes I have a designer, Jamie of Plush Design.  If anyone is interested in using her you can contact me and I would be happy to give you her #.  I love the chandelier over the bath tub... no one has ever used this tub so I am able to put lighting over it.  I love the different fabrics and all the colors work.  It also helps make the ugly 70's tile not be sooo bad.  It really looks even better in person.        

In the back bathroom I took out all the really ugly wallpaper and papered the bottom and textured and painted the top. I wanted something really different for a border( I don''t really like wallpaper border) so I used wide black velvet ribbon and big upholstery  tacks that I got at Truman's.  As you can see... here are a few of my Bee's.  I also wallpapered the ceiling in this bathroom in Leopard...yes leopard...When I was taking these pictures the light bulb went out, so I will take one and post soon.  It is really cute and believe it or not ... not to hard to do.  
 This is my back living room.  It used to be dark gold ...I wanted something really different...so we scraped the ceilings and re-paited and  wallpapered.  I just love it.  There is pink, a green turquoise, brown, leopard, 
orange, dark red, black, avocado green, gold
 and who knows what other colors are in there... and it all seems to work.  I really love it.  The colors don't show up as well as I would like them to , but it is really fun.

I made all of these pillows and some of them in the red room...I decided to take a stab at it and it worked...sometimes I know why they get the big $$$ for making them.  My hands don't work so good the next morning and the seam ripper IS my best friend.   

This is another picture of my kitchen.  This is a chalk board over a single widow at the other end of the kitchen.  You can see this window when you are walking down the hall.  I am going to put cafe curtains at the bottom of this window soon.  My next project???  I love it and ,yes, it is different.  You can see the other windows in one of the older posts.  I used burlap on them.  

Well I hope... in some small way... I have inspired someone. 

      Oh by the way... We got our Disney confirmation...yea... we participated in 
Give a Day Get a Day.  We made blankets for the Linus Project and was able to earn 9 Disney tickets to go to Disney World.  What a wonderful gift.  
It saved us a lot and we were able to to do a family project together.  

Have a wonderful and blessed day.  Love B

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