Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...

Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...
Life IS a Grand Production...Happy Day

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wine Wednesday...

Good morning... I guess I got the glitches out...I will have to do Turq. Thursday next week...I am off ...again...My Aunt Cookey (Phyllis) is retiring and having a party on Friday, in my home town...Holdenville.  Then of course it IS the weekend...the lake is calling and of course it is First Monday...Canton!!!!  I will probably not get to go to Canton until Sunday. 
 Can't wait to see what new treasures Laurie Anna's and the Junk Ladies have to entice me...

Well onto Wine Wednesday.  I wanted to do this because of the ideas I have for wine stoppers and corks.  The sugar bowl is 1 of my finds while junking and it held my wine stoppers so perfectly. I love stoppers.  I have several crowns...go figure...my Daughter in Law, Kristi,  gave me a huge turq. jewel  she got on her girl trip they took to Girls Gone Wine.  I have it at the Lake Estate...I have several W's, which I love too.  

These are one of my most wonderful of Treasures...our kids got these for us on our 30th Anniversary.  Aren't they beautiful???This is my favorite wine...Barefoot White Zinfandel.  I bought the first bottle because it was cute and very lakey...and it has become our favorite.  We had a glass this week with our Buddy Steaks.  If you are ever around Lake Texoma and want the best steak ever...go to the Texoma Meat Market out of Kingston, in the Soldier Creek area. Tell Mike or Jan you need a filet and Buddy rub.  And go home and cook the best filet you have ever had.  Be sure to rub down your steak with lime juice and then Buddy Rub.    

This is another fun idea.  We save some of our wine corks...when there is a special occasion we write the date and who was there on the cork.  I have dumped them out and looked at the occasions and friends that have shared them with us.  We had a dear friend pass away with cancer and we had gone to Valentines dinner with him and his wife and there was a cork from that special evening...Anton Yanda was truly a wonderful man.  
Well I hope you enjoyed the ideas... and that you have a Wonderful Wednesday.
 I will see you tomorrow for 5 Thursday...Love, B

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