Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...

Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...
Life IS a Grand Production...Happy Day

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Morning Everyone... Mercy it has been hot...Well as promised here are a few of my 4th of July creations...I love my Santos doll my Mom bought me...she is so fun to dress up and decorate with... last year I put one of my outdoor flags around her waist and loved it... I made these tags and I thought they turned out cute...Like I said I am having a really hard time finding anything to buy to decorate with that is not primitive...I am just not a very primitive decorator...glitter is not very cute on rustic stuff!!!

You can't see it very well , but this is a vintage flower I made with an anchor button in the center for Donna's mannequin...Betty... I will have to introduce Betty and Beatrice to you someday...Her mannequin and mine...and the card in the background is one she made for me...love it...

Well, here is my version of 4th of July flash cards...they are easy if you can get the spacing right on the computer...which I am not very good at...but I love them..
and here are some cute bottles I did and a little vintage Washington,D.C. silver shoe I found in my travels...
isn't she the cutest Lady Liberty???
Well I hope you stay cool and inspired... Remember tonight is the Meet & Greet at the Paper Crown...It is always fun...Thanks Cindy for having it we love it...It starts at 6...Oh yea...If you like my Santos go to Laurie Anna's and enter a comment to try to win a Santos Doll... her Blog is Fab...B

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  1. brenda,
    i LOVE all of your cute 4th of july decorations, you just have "that" special touch! i especially like you santos doll, very cool...you just make me smile...! franc