Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...

Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...
Life IS a Grand Production...Happy Day

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello... sorry it has been soooo long... I have been at the Lake Estate...Hope all of you are having a great summer... it sure is HOT enough...
Well I have been busy again... Donna and her honey...Jerry... celebrated their 20th Anniversary last night and we went out to eat at Mama Rojo's..oh my it was fabulous...it is on Lake Hefner and you must have the guacamole and the Baja Style Ceviche...it has shrimp lime, cilantro, mango's...etc... it was amazing...we took pics out by the lake... it was really windy and the sailboats were out in full force...it was beautiful...
Well now for the reason for the blog...I made her and JP 
2 Anniversary Books.. they turned out really well...
I made the lakey one first and my pics didn't fit very well
 so I made the mr. & mrs. one.

I put all kinds of pictures I had of them and used a 2 blank domino, an I 20 bingo number...It really turned out cute.
the lakey one was fun...of course...we have a great time there and it was fitting that I had one of them...
I left blank pages so she could add pictures later... in the mr. & mrs. book I had a page for their wedding picture and one from last night.  She loved it and I had a great time making it...
well I am off to the Dr. with my Dad.  Say an extra prayer for him, he stepped on a toothpick about 2 months ago , and he has Diabetes ...and of course he went to his GP and said it was good...well it is bad now and we have an appt. with an Orthopedic Dr. today at 2...life brings a lot sometimes...I just hope he will be all right and it it isn't too bad. 
till next time...have a cool day...B 


  1. Brenda you are definitely a super friend. I know Donna loved the picture album you made. It really turned out great. Friendships are what make us all tick.......

    Have fun at the Lake and if you go to any sales see if they have any coat hangers............ I would like to have the pant hangers with the wood on the top. Just let me know if you find any.

    happy weekend.

  2. brenda,
    YOU are a grand production...!
    and, such a sweetie, too. hope your dad is ok, i remember when i was taking care of my dad, and it is truly a labor of love.
    love your books and everything else you do.
    the flower pin you made me, well, i try to wear it every single day!
    love you, sista.....................franc