Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...

Why do a little when you can go Over the TOP...
Life IS a Grand Production...Happy Day

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy at the Sewing Machine

Hello again... I have gotten a new computer and don't quiet know how to use it yet ...so I am on the old one. I have been sewing up a storm and have made about 12 pillows, 4 cornis boards, 3 runners and ONE big mess. Sewing is soooo messy, and so am I. I clean it up and it is messed up is 2 minutes. Oh Well... who said being creative was neat??? Here is one of my favorite pillows in my house . The ones above are my couch and I just love the mix of colors. I am going to go to my daughter-in-laws and take pictures of her new pillows and cornis boards, they are so cute. I can't wait to share them with you.
Ron, my husband and Jerry, Donna's husband, have a favorite saying ..."We always have to make everything such a Grand Production"....well we have done it again. We had our Valentine dinner and we had a wonderful time. Barbara, my best friends daughter is a Chef and she cooked and served our dinner. Her helper and friend Denise helped prepare the feast. It was fabulous!!! We had salad, Chicken Cordon Blue, her version, spinach and garlic mashed potatoes. Then for dessert we had chocolate cake. Truly the food was better than any restaurant that we could have gone to. But the best thing was spending a wonderful evening with our Honeys and the 4 B's; Donna, Neta, Barbara and Me...I will have pictures of the table soon. It was so over the top, of course , and so beautiful.
Well it is late and I have to get some sleep so I can finish my pillows tomorrow. Be inspired and take in the beautiful weather God is going to provide for the next few days...B

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